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  • “What are 21Cn-compatible systems? Why do my big competitors get first priority? It’s unfair!”

    For decades our telephone services have been delivered via the public switched telephone network, the copper wire-based infrastructure built and run by BT. A range of services use this network. However, in the last fifteen years, it became apparent that the network would no longer be sufficient to handle increasing volume and companies such as Cable & Wireless and NTL ran additional networks of coaxial cable to carry cable telephone and TV services.

    The PSTN has since been used to carry other services in addition to telephone calls: linking VPNs (virtual private networks) across public networks, PDQ (process data quickly) terminals for credit and debit card transactions, EPOS (electronic point of sale) machines and flow meters (as used in some hospitality chains). It’s now at saturation point, so BT is rebuilding and replacing the entire infrastructure with its 21st Century (21Cn) fibre network, bringing massively bigger bandwidth. It’s a quantum leap for small to medium-sized businesses like yours. This is because it creates a level playing field with your larger competitors who had an advantage over you previously in being able to afford services via direct-to-exchange lease lines that were out of your budget range. Now with 21Cn fibre, your business is on a more equal footing with those competitors.

    That’s the upside. The downside is that in dealing with the big telecoms suppliers, as an SME you’re still at a disadvantage compared to larger companies whose voice carries more weight as customers of the suppliers. You wait longer to be connected; faults are not addressed; you experience poor service and poor billing. We at Red Gorilla believe this is UNFAIR. A business broadband customer is a business broadband customer, pure and simple. Your business shouldn’t be treated as second tier. So, Red Gorilla goes into action on your behalf to ensure you get the best broadband service available. We ‘wear your badge’ when we deal with the telecoms giants. What’s more, Red Gorilla isn’t a ‘box shifter’ just interested in selling you a phone system.

    “We’re here to guide your business through the telecoms jungle, ensuring you have 21Cn-enabled broadband, customer care, technical support and billing that fits your business plan.”

  • “My business’s broadband connection fails at key times of the day. I need it to be reliable!”

    Your success and your survival in business depend upon prompt communication. But a normal broadband connection is shared on the old copper wire from the exchange to your local BT cabinet. At busy times when everyone else is online and making/receiving calls, your connection slows down massively, especially if you’re in a residential area or further from the exchange. Nothing’s more frustrating than being unable to send or receive emails, upload or download mission-critical files or move data around your business, just at busy times when you most need to perform those tasks.

    At Red Gorilla our support team ensures that where it’s been rolled out, your broadband connection uses the new 21st Century-compatible fibre network. With vastly greater bandwidth, your business can now benefit from a fast, constant, reliable connection at a viable cost, making you more competitive in an instant. And if fibre broadband hasn’t reached your area yet and you’ve been frustrated by the ‘take it or leave it’ attitude of the big telecoms suppliers, Red Gorilla can suggest and implement creative solutions, moulding and melding broadband technologies to provide the best and most reliable solutions for your business needs.

    Red Gorilla thinks laterally to give you broadband that works as hard for your business as your best employees do. Our ethos is: let us solve your problem first; then we’ll build your business. Become one of the Red Gorilla troop. You won’t regret it.

  • “I can’t afford what my competitors pay for fast broadband. Telecoms suppliers don’t help me!”

    Previously, for the kind of connectivity offered by fibre broadband, your business would have needed a prohibitively expensive lease line that bypassed the BT cabinet and ran direct to the exchange. No longer. Fibre broadband puts you on a level playing field with larger competitors who in the past could afford the expense of a special lease line where you couldn’t. This makes it much more affordable. In addition, to ensure that you are getting the best price that you possibly can.

    Red Gorilla will use its ‘clout’ to deal with the big telecoms suppliers on your behalf.

  • “Slow broadband is wasting man hours in my business. How can I get speedier broadband?”

    Actually, a better term would be ‘breadth’, because faster broadband is all about bandwidth. Slow broadband running over the copper-wired PSTN (public switched telephone network) is expensive; having several employees sitting staring at screens waiting for data to download is unproductive. To make an analogy, the new fibre network is a seven-lane freeway compared to the old network’s single-track road. It’s no waiting, instant, therefore more efficient and cheaper ­– bringing savings to your business in employee hours and freeing staff up sooner to perform other tasks you require.

    Red Gorilla talks to the telecoms suppliers for you and gets you on fibre broadband as quickly as possible – we WON’T be fobbed off with excuses.

  • “I just need someone with technical knowhow on broadband! Is that too much to ask?”

    Ever tried to configure a business broadband router with installation instructions that make no sense and without I.T. support? Had other technical issues with your broadband? Your business needs it a.s.a.p. But when you call your telecoms supplier for technical support, you’re sent around the houses or even around the world. The people you eventually speak to don’t understand your issue or, if it’s complicated, they mysteriously hang up after a few minutes, sending you back to square one.

    It’s unhelpful, not value for money and it wastes valuable time – time that you could devote to building and marketing your business. So, let Red Gorilla take the pain out of dealing with technical queries. It’s our job to get your broadband set up with the minimum delay. We’ll ensure you have the right technical advice, care and support.

    Rest assured, WE won’t put the phone down on you, not until you’re happy and we’ve got you up and running, or we’re on site and have fixed your technical issue in person.

  • “It’s no use calling the big telecoms suppliers to get my business’s broadband problem solved!”

    In today’s business world, telephony means broadband and lines to the outside world. Your marketing will most likely be geared to getting customers to call you or log onto your website. You may well run your business with VPN, PDQ and EPOS systems, flow meters and data transfers. Everything depends upon the broadband connection between you and your marketplace – your business simply can’t function without it. But if you run a small to medium-sized business and your broadband connection is down or faulty, calling up to get it fixed can be an ordeal.

    The big telecoms suppliers are juggling so many lines and products that faults inevitably occur and their large business customers get priority. So as a SME owner you find you’re given short shrift and your problem isn’t solved. Don’t put up with it or let it slide; put Red Gorilla on the case. We’re here to solve your business’s broadband problems, using our influence with the telecoms suppliers.

    We’ll fight your corner for you and get the fault fixed. If it’s something we can’t resolve, we’ll tell you; but nine times out of ten Red Gorilla can fix it. You have a voice: we hear you.

  • “I’m struggling to get both fast and cost-effective broadband where my business is based.”

    80MB fibre broadband is affordable and therefore cost-effective to the SME owner who previously would have had to consider spending on an expensive lease line, which isn’t an economically viable proposition for small to medium-sized businesses. But how cost-effective a business’s broadband connection is depends not just on base affordability; it also may not be fast enough in your area if the 21Cn fibre rollout hasn’t reached you yet, especially if your business is five or six miles from your exchange on the PSTN copper wire network.

    You thought that fast and cost-effective broadband isn’t available to you because that’s what the big telecoms suppliers told you. Think again. Faster broadband may not appear to be directly available for everybody, but Red Gorilla can provide an array of creative solutions that the owner of a small to medium-sized business isn’t aware of. We can offer solutions such as bonding broadband with satellite broadband: not suitable for voice, but allowing you to send and receive data rapidly and keep a separate line for voice. We can mould and meld technologies to work with one another; so if you’re five or six miles from your exchange your business can still have a usable and cost-effective broadband connection.

    Yes, some of these solutions may be more expensive than others; but Red Gorilla will use its expertise to devise the most viable and cost-effective solution for your business.

  • “I want business telecoms support that goes right to the top. Don’t fob me off like the others!”

    With the best will and the most comprehensive support, things will still sometimes go wrong. A car may drive into a BT cabinet and damage it; an unforeseen technical glitch will occur. And sometimes you need those at the top to help resolve the matter speedily. At Red Gorilla, it’s policy for us to provide that; no quibbles, no hiding behind sales or technical staff.

    If you want to speak to any of our directors on the telephone or you need them to visit you, you have our promise that we WILL make ourselves available speak to you or visit you!