Business Mobiles

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  • “What tariffs will I pay on business mobiles?”

    We know that most people, especially those running small to medium-sized businesses, haven’t the time to spend talking to the networks to negotiate a tariff. Let Red Gorilla shoulder that responsibility.

    We will act as your friendly intermediary with the mobile networks to obtain the best, market-leading tariffs to suit your business needs.

  • “What kind of technical support do I receive for business mobiles?”

    Mobile technology changes rapidly, with virtually every new handset. Because of this, the best people to talk to with a technical query on your business mobiles are the networks. So, for technical (non-billing issues), you receive direct network support.

    Red Gorilla will make dealing with the mobile networks as simple as possible by referring your technical queries to the correct departments.

  • “I want people to be able to contact my staff and myself easily; one number for each of us.”

    Red Gorilla can integrate your telephone system to make it streamlined and simple, so that you have one number wherever you are, whether you’re on your landline or your mobile; we can do the same thing for each member of your staff.

    One number; one point of contact; one less thing to worry about.

  • “Can you provide my business with any kind of mobile handset?”

    Yes. Red Gorilla’s ‘clout’ with handset providers means that it can obtain all handsets, be they iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, or whatever operating system and integrate them with your telephone system.

    We use our influence as a ‘name’ with the major players in phone manufacturing.

  • “Can you get me early upgrades or negotiate on my behalf to buy me out of my contract?”

    Sometimes you realise you’ve bought the wrong mobile for your business needs; it doesn’t do what you want it to do; your circumstances change or you move to a company that doesn’t use that handset. Or, you may simply just have a preference to have a particular new handset.

    Red Gorilla will give you a quote for an early upgrade or negotiate with your network on your behalf.