Landlines & Calls

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  • “I’m really angry! My telecoms supplier hit me with hidden charges on my landlines and calls!”

    The telecoms industry is rife with hidden charges. We at Red Gorilla believe there should be NO hidden charges and that’s how we operate: transparently and openly. Many telecoms suppliers charge business customers what appears to be a low rate per minute for telephone calls, but have a much higher minimum call charge. As the average landline call is one minute and 10 seconds in duration, then you will be dismayed to find that you actually pay a lot more for calls than you expected, because it wasn’t made clear to you at the outset.

    As a business customer, you may also discover that many big telecoms suppliers have put a proviso in the small print of your contract, which states that they can put up their prices whenever they want. Again, this proviso will not have been noticeably emphasised at the beginning of your agreement. Most telecoms companies impose a minimum call charge, but don’t make it obvious.

    Regarding ANY item that needs to go on your bill: it won’t, not UNTIL Red Gorilla has talked to you about it first and we’ve obtained your authorisation. What’s more, if there is something that you need to have in order for us to continue to deliver you’re a business a satisfactory service, we’ll TELL you the reasons why first and seek your authorisation. But if you refuse (and we know we couldn’t manage your account effectively without it) we’ll be equally honest and transparent and suggest you may need to find another supplier.

    Red Gorilla will put your business on the best rate available BUT if there’s a minimum call charge, we’ll do something different to other providers. We’ll TELL you we’re applying it, VERY CLEARLY, in such a way that you can’t miss it. Equally, if we put your business on a deal where no minimum call charge is applicable, we’ll TELL you that, too.

  • “What is the 6-hour fix cover I have heard talked about?”

    It’s Level 4 Critical Care Cover, provided by BT OpenReach. It means your local BT OpenReach team guarantees to fix your problem within 6 hours. On a normal BT telephone line, statistically you will have a fault every seven years on average. However, if you live in an area that’s flooded regularly for instance or has a poor service because you have an old exchange then you may experience faults more frequently. Consequently, Red Gorilla may advise that for you to get the best service (in an area where everyone’s lines will go down at the same time and be trying to contact us) that you have Level 4 Care. If it isn’t fixed by the 6-hour time limit there are some compensations to you built into this cover. Red Gorilla suggests that if your service is reliant upon those lines, it’s a good idea to take Level 4 cover out (at £4 per line per month) on mission-critical lines such as your main telephone number.

    Even one major disruption to your business’s lines could have a catastrophic effect on its reputation. Red Gorilla recommends Level 4 Critical Care Cover on your mission-critical phone lines.

  • “Can my business have capped business call charges?”

    Yes. Red Gorilla recommends it as a way of keeping your business telephone bills under control; we will set up open, transparent, unambiguous charge rates for calls lasting up to an hour, typically 10p to UK landlines and 30p to UK mobiles. It’s also a useful protection for you should a phone be left off the hook inadvertently and not hung up, or if you suffer the misfortune of having an employee abuse the telephone system by making extended personal calls. In addition Red Gorilla strongly recommends premium rate call barring on your business telephones.

    It makes obvious sense for an SME where every penny counts to cap its call charges. Red Gorilla will ensure your landlines earn you money rather than become a drain on your resources.

  • “Who services my business’s lines?”

    BT OpenReach services all lines. Their experience in building, maintaining and replacing the telephone network infrastructure is second to none. It’s still the only reliable network to use.

    Get the best of both worlds; your business’s lines serviced by BT OpenReach and your billing and customer service by Red Gorilla.

  • “I need Director-level support NOW to free me from my current contract!”

    Trying to extricate your business from a big telecom supplier contract that is a millstone around your neck can be an ordeal. So why endure it? You’ve better things to be doing. Our Directors will do the hard work. We will shoulder the burden of dealing with the big telecoms suppliers, leaving you to concentrate on running, marketing and building your business.

    Red Gorilla will free you from your agreement in the most speedy and financially painless way possible. We’re not saying we can eliminate the pain. But we can go a long way to reducing it!