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    Danny Williams, founding Director of Red Gorilla, puts it simply:

    “You know what? I CARE. If something’s going on I want to know about it. If someone needs to talk to me, they can. If someone has a problem, I’ll be there. If ever a customer phones and says ‘we want to see you’, we go and see them. It’s not MY decision whether I see my customers – it’s my CUSTOMERS’ decision!

  • How can I be sure my telephone system’s future proof?

    To take advantage of this sea change in communications your business need to be equipped with telephone systems that are compatible with 21Cn. If your business is currently still on the PSTN network and 21Cn fibre hasn’t reached your area yet, your phone system needs to be dually compatible. Put simply, analog equipment will be dead equipment, so any system your business invests in must operate on the existing network but able to swap on to 21Cn at the flick of a switch. Red Gorilla will be your guide in assessing whether your current equipment is fit for purpose or not; if not, as part of our site survey, we’ll recommend, supply, install and configure the telephone system that best suits your business needs and budget.

    Moreover, when it comes to future-proofing your business, 21Cn brings great advantages, delivering efficiencies and cost savings you may not have considered. Telephone numbers become portable. If you run a company in one part of the UK but need telephone numbers for your business in other parts of the country, you can handle all your calls from one office. You could save on print, signage and livery costs as your numbers stay the same. Nor are you tied to one place. If you move offices, move abroad or relocate your business from an expensive London location to one outside the M25, you take your numbers with you. In addition, portable numbers mean less need for regional offices or employing receptionists (and temps when they’re on leave or sick). Instead you can run your business with one or two call-handling offices that pass on orders to your dispatch and delivery and make real-life savings on wages.

    As part of our site survey and installation process, Red Gorilla will show you how to tap into these incredibly useful business features – and not as a hurried afterthought, but with explanation and training for you and your employees.

  • “Tailored to suit my business needs? Shouldn’t my staff just be able to make and answer calls?”

    Every single business is different; no one size fits all. There are thousands of telecom products, hundreds of telephone systems, myriad options and configurations. So, let Red Gorilla guide you. We don’t just sell you a piece of equipment when what you actually need is for someone to visit, conduct a site survey, find out and understand all about your business, how it works and what your personal requirements are.

    The solutions are so varied and there’s so much more a bespoke telephone system can do for your business. You may have been sold a phone system that’s perfectly fit for purpose but nobody sat down with you to configure the system efficiently to work to its fullest potential or train you and your employees how to use it for your needs. If it isn’t working for you, it’s an expensive white elephant sitting in your business.

    Red Gorilla will work with you either on your existing system or on any system that we provide to ensure that you maximise its potential and it suits your needs.

  • “I want to keep my ownership costs low. But leasing and finance options worry me.”

    Most small businesses see telephone systems as a horrible expense but are terrified of finance options and leasing. So they often buy a system outright – one they don’t know how to use or whether it’s right for their SME. They burden themselves with a potentially useless asset they’re effectively stuck with. At Red Gorilla, we not only survey your site to identify the right phone system for your business; we also give you a clear picture of the advantages of leasing and finance. Firstly, you know roughly how long that equipment will last. It makes sense to spread the cost of that system over the life expectancy of the equipment. Additionally, there are tax advantages. Most importantly, knowing the full extent of what your phone system can do turns it into a valuable asset – a cash cow that can earn money for your business!.

    For instance, how many calls does your business receive every day? Who answers them? What was the result of each call? Where do those calls come from and which marketing campaign generated them? What proportion of those calls was turned into business? How many calls were missed and why? All these questions can be answered by talking to Red Gorilla. We can advise you on the best phone system – which, to obtain the data above, doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when leased or financed over a longer period.

    Using technology such as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface and CLI (Caller Line Integration) Red Gorilla can help you track EVERYTHING that’s going on, whether a customer calls your sales, service, deliveries/collections or supplier numbers. In each case, providing the caller’s number is stored and integrated with your phone system, not only will their identity appear on the screen, but also their sales history or service appointments or invoices. Red Gorilla will ensure you have all the relevant information in front of you, whether making or receiving a call, without having to search customer or supplier phone numbers.

    With Red Gorilla, the cost of owning or leasing your phone system becomes a sensible investment – because the returns are so much greater.

  • “I’m a sole trader and I need flexible purchase options. Can Red Gorilla help?”

    If you’re a small to medium-sized business, you’ve more than likely been through the experience of trying to get finance from the banks; it’s well nigh impossible, especially if your business is perceived by them to be in a higher-risk sector. So if you’re struggling to finance your business, Call Red Gorilla first. We can offer you cost options that are flexible in both finance and leasing. We can also take your old equipment (which has an intrinsic value) as part of your purchase plan for your telephone system.

    Don’t use up your available lines of credit on your telephone system. Talk to Red Gorilla. Our in-house finance and leasing options give you flexibility where you need it.

  • “Can I part exchange my business’s existing phone equipment at Red Gorilla for a new system?”

    Businesses change with the times; it’s how they survive. Your business may expand in economic boom times; it may shrink in leaner times, or it may also downsize in good times as part of greater efficiency yet still grow its profits and customer base. Circumstances change: and sometimes your telephone system is no longer fit for purpose. It may be that you purchased a system and it simply doesn’t do what you want it to. Whatever the reason, it has value as an asset.

    Part-exchange your old system and set it against the cost of the new system that Red Gorilla will supply, install and configure for your business.

  • “My business can’t wait till 9am Monday to have a technical issue fix. We need support NOW!”

    Your business needs to operate all year round: possibly at unsocial hours, evenings, weekends, or even public holidays. So the kind of technical support that operates only in standard office hours is of no use to you. At Red Gorilla, our directors are automatically emailed the moment you contact our 24/7 technical support line with an issue.

    Red Gorilla’s technical support line is manned 24/7 all year round, and it will always be answered by a competent technical person.